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Rozšírenie predajných miest o hypermarkety HYPERNOVA

Expansion of points of sales by hyper-markets Hypernova

6. 02. 2009

s52, a.s. expanded its distribution for retail customers by including 22 hyper-markets HYPERNOVA into its sales network. s52, a.s. would like to inform its customers and supporters of genuine fruit distillate that its wide range of products will become available on shelves of HYPERNOVA since March 2009.

The sales network currently includes large chain operators such as METRO, TESCO, or KAUFLAND, small retail, and wholesale partners.

Ucast na Horáckem koštu 2009

Participation at Horacky tasting 2009

31. 01. 2009

The representatives of s52, a.s. participated with 2 samples of its true fruit spirits at 2nd annual tasting event “Horacky tasting 2009 of Plum Spirits and other Fruit Spirits in Loukavice, Trebic land, Czech Republic. The tasting took place Saturday, January 31st, 2009. This event provides with an exceptional opportunity in dimensions of Central Europe to present, assess and degust fruit distillates.


Accessories to s52 Products

01. 10. 2008

s52, a.s. offers the following accessories produced from natural materials.


Mirabel distillate 52 %

01. 09. 2008

s52, a.s. introduces a new distillate that will remind you of plum distillate but contains more tender and less aromatic essences.


Raspberry distillate 52 %

01. 08. 2008

s52, a.s. introduces a new distillate a transparent, fresh, ample and aromatic spirit that invokes a jam fragrance and light sweet fruit relish.


Red Currants distillate 52 %

01. 07. 2008

s52, a.s. introduces a new distillate a fresh, light spirit with delicate aroma and savour that leaves a tiny bit of spicy aftertaste.





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