s52 pravé ovocné destiláty




Apple distillate 52%

Apple distillate 52%

Transparent colourless distillate made up of characteristic mild aromatic essence, which acquires pleasant “neutral” taste.

Plum  distillate 52%

Plum distillate 52%

Traditional distillate with a delicate aroma, very dry and intensive, leaving mildly bitter savour.

Sour-Cherry  distillate 52%

Sour-Cherry distillate 52%

Crystal clear distillate with an attractive scent, dry taste makes experience of sour-cherry and almonds flavours.

Cherry distillate 52%

Cherry distillate 52%

Distillate with a strong cherry aroma abandons dry and bitter-sweet feeling on tongue.

Peach distillate 52%

Peach distillate 52%

Fascinating distillate with a fragrance of ripe peach that indulge your senses with a blend of peach, nuts, and honey.

Pear distillate 52%

Pear distillate 52%

Especially delicate distillate with beautifully balanced, intensive aroma and strong, thick taste, long lasting aftertaste.


Apricot distillate 52%

Refreshing distillate with characteristic gentle and delicious scents surmounts you with a clean taste and gentle apricot aftertaste.

Miralbel distillate

Miralbel distillate 52%

Reminds of plum distillate but contains more tender and less aromatic essences.

Raspberry  distillate

Raspberry distillate 52%

Transparent and very fresh, ample and aromatic distillate invokes a jam fragrance and light sweet fruit relish.

Red Currents  distillate

Red Currents distillate 52%

Fresh, light distillate with delicate aroma and savour leaves a tiny bit of spicy aftertaste.

Strawberry  distillate

Strawberry distillate 52%

Spirit of the finest strawberry smell and live taste. Berries of the strawberry in their current shape evolved by chance in 18th century in France.

Wine distillate

Wine distillate 52%

Intensive grape scent, balanced taste and firm structure.

Rye distillate

Rye distillate 52%

Rich and gentle distillate with evokes flavours of spices and soil and smell of wood and nuts.





Tailored made vintage

Tailored made vintage

Genuine fruit distillate

Pravý ovocný destilát