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History of distillery

Historical scheme of distillation technology in 1600

Since ancient times it is a general knowledge that everything our complex body mechanism needs can be found in nature.

The body must accept substances in all possible forms and subsequently process it in order to gain the energy or conversely not lose it.

The fruits and their juices play an important role in digesting. Obviously, they can be technologically processed and converted into unique soft and hard drinks. Assuming that all parts of drinks that we consume originate from natural sources and are not prepared synthetically, the fruit juices are then the most beneficial fluids in the world.

Animals in wild nature can find the plants that have rather healing and tranquillizing properties than only nutritious.  While animals did that ever since, a man started to do so when he finds out the presence of therapeutic and, indulging, and intoxicating substances.

What makes difference between a man and animal, beside other facts, is an ability to understand the states and context and produce something from the existing facts.

He is not invariably successful or it takes much longer than we would want but nonetheless it contributes to improvement of knowledge about a given state or thing.  From historical perspective, the acquisition of knowledge accelerates.

Man always searched for more than just food. He succeeded in the end. Who, when, and where initiate it, nobody knows.  Yet, the ancient natural scientists knew about the existence of evaporative essences, which were contained in wine.  Presumably, men at all continents were familiar with the process of wine production and its distillation. However, there are no verifiable evidences to be discovered in writing, which would come from these times.

In any case, the use of fire was as important as the invention of a kick-wheel in course of preparation and production of alcohol. The fruits or juices could be stored in pots from clay while to execute the separation of different substances from the ferment the fire was inevitably required.

The oldest (sort of ) product, from which through distillation was obtained liquor, is considered  honey-spirit , produced from bee honey.

The proofs of distillery technology originate from Ireland and Scotland already in 11th century.  In 16th century came to uncontrolled boom in this area, which caused catastrophic economic and health consequences.

The doctor and alchemist Paracelsus named distillate of fluid product, produced from fermentation – the alcohol.  He recommended it as a cure. However, he made a note.... “Only little volume of this fluid is not a poison”.

Building on the reality of the current life one may clarify that premium spirits, 100 % distillates, have been in the last period a nostalgic recollection when substituted in industrial production.

Nowadays, we can start talking to be found in a new stage of this old tradition of producing genuine fruit spirits.  The technological progress and development plays important roles, but it is the philosophy of “a brand new quality”, invariable examination of new possibilities for improvement, nutrition values, while preserving of natural aromas of fruits.  These ideas conveyed during production represent the new history of genuine fruit distillates.





Tailored made vintage

Tailored made vintage

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