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Technical term distillery originated from words “dis=separation” and “stillo=drop by drop”.

Technical term distillery originated from words “dis=separation” and “stillo=drop by drop”.

The process of distillation can be briefly described as follows:

a.) crushed, pulverized,  and fermented fruits warm up
b.) the emerged alcoholic steams are led in pipes into a radiator, where they condense
c.) the produced alcohol is called distillate

In order to deliver a premium spirit, it is inevitable to repeat this process – to do double distillation.
The element of great importance in course of distillation is regulation and control of temperature. The modern technology contributes to exact measurements and regulation because only this approach grants the reduction in faults and lack in quality of distillate.

The general and major goal is to deliver the replication of basic quality of distillate.

However, the modern technology itself does not produce any distillate. The distillate is a product, which comprises of several components and complex elements. The manner, by which dissipaters determine the combination of each factor, creates in the end the character of uniqueness of this liquid.

There is no technology available that would be able to assess the perception (taste, aroma, smoothness of distillate, etc.). Therefore, the reflex and capability of a man to perceive sensory qualities remains irreplaceable. 

Genuine fruit distillate consists of solely natural ingredients and significantly depends on the quality of fruit.  The technique can only support the quality of basic material to be preserved in optimal degree.  Modern methods of grinding and fruits pressing, disposal of core, regulated fermentation, automated and optimalization distillatory equipment are highly effective, nevertheless,  they are not the guarantee of premium product. Only good specialist can affect the quality of distillate by combination of the above mentioned circumstances.

The scheme of technology process by s52, a.s.

schéma destilačného zariadenia s52
Legend: 1 - distillery still body, volume 450l, 2 - brick veneer, 3 - fireplace 4 - fire bar, 5 - space for ashes, 6 - copper still body,7 – glycerol fill, 8 - outer coat made of stainless metal sheet,  9 – stirrer, 10 – a hole for firing objects, 11 – firing objects tank, 12 – coolers, 13 – cold water, 14 – warm water, 15 – thermometer, 16 – expansion tank, 17 – pump, 18 – stirrer drive, 19 – spirit gauge, 20 – try box, 21 – a lead, 22 –  lead tank, 23 refining still body, volume 150 l,  24 – alcohol measurement apparatus, 25 – fruit distillate





Tailored made vintage

Tailored made vintage

Genuine fruit distillate

Pravý ovocný destilát